Swimming Gift Vouchers

What an amazing feeling to have when you receive a gift of swimming.  Below are some great options to meet your budget, whatever that might be. 

We have 3 options to meet your needs


The corner stone of any improvement process. The lessons are 1:1 and provide the highest level of swim instruction to 

1:1 Lesson


  • Improve efficiency   
  • Current swim analysis
  • Email with next steps

Block of 5 Lessons


  • Technique guidance.
  • Best value to achieve change
  • Progressive instruction
  • Block of 5 receive one complimentary video session

Swim Stroke Analysis

There is no better way to gain the greatest insight into your swimming and taking the next step to improving


90min session that will 

In summary, an easy session that looks at how you swim today. We will go through a warm up, and preparation for the video. 

above and below the water video 

20-30min 1:1 with coach video review

next steps

Get Started

1:1 Swim lesson with video