Welcome to ALAB, Wellness & Recovery Center

Our Story

Coaching and competing for many years, it became more and more apparent that there are quite a few elements missing and not available to your day to day athlete. Why is it that what should be available to everyone, no matter who you are at a cost that fits into everyones budget. So, the dream started. 

frustrated with finding the right mixture of environment, equipment to perfect the body for competition, being able to recover properly between sessions, being able to put yourself in the best mindset to give my best on the day and generally keeping myself 

What we do

Concept is to provide a high quality facility that focuses on improving some of not just the very technical swim,  your  by providing facilities for everyone at a more affordable price swim lab, recovery centre and climate control. Together they layout 

How can we Help

We've carved it up and broken it down into some key fundamentals. 

Our athlete lab Every triathlete and swimmer understands that swimming is a very technical sport and it is hard to improve without the correct way to identify areas of improvement. We have the state of the art pool and associated tools to make this happen.

Our wellness center is equiped with everything you need for your physical and mental recovery. It can be as easy the industry standard float experience, with sauna and plunge pool available. If you are unsure of what is right for, please let us know and we will recommend a solution that will be right up your alley.

We are in the process of completing our new exiting climate control environment that will provide the ability to adapt to any conditions. Imagine, training in an environment that simulates the high altitude of the Colorado rockies [Train high, race low... ]

Athlete Lab

You ask what is Athlete Lab. If we look at some key elements for an athlete a few things seem to fall through the cracks. Recovery is just as important as the regular workouts that you do. We have the equipment that enables you to put together a recovery protocol that works for you. 

If we look at the technicalities we have a unique high performance swim laboratory. Every aspect of your swim can be reviewed and we have the ability to control the environment that will cater for all levels from beginner to elite. We have a multi camera setup to capture everything so nothing will escape. This allows for immediate feedback and/or future analysis for you and your coaches for reference. 

Swim Lab

We start with a quality centre to explore all about what you DO and DON'T know about your swim. The state of the art facility is designed to allow you and us to improve your swim abilities in a relaxed, professional and safe environment. 

It allows us to provide unique angles, unique perspectives that are not available by conventional methods. This is the best way to maximise stroke efficiency, build your confidence in the water and much much more. 

Private Lessons

At Future lab, we cater for every type of swimmer, from beginner to the highly competitive and help them to build confidence without the fears and distractions from large classes. We have the latest technology to let swimmers of all abilities instantly view their stroke, enhance their form and master the skills. We use our private warm watered flow pool with instant video feedback and mirrors on the bottom of each pool. Instant video feedback helps all swimmers learn the correct technique, apply what they learn instantly, and quickly gain the skills they need to be safer in the water. 

Our approach has been proven time and again to get new swimmers comfortable and confident in the water and to help competitive swimmers, master swimmers and triathletes to excel at their highest level. 

We are here to get everyone swimming safer, stronger, and faster!


Bring in your own coach and team to get the 

Altitude/Climate Chamber   [ COMING SOON in 2020 ]

In order to leave no stone unturned, we are able to recreate any condition for you to become better acclimatised to your upcoming event or trip. Have you heard of "train high, race low"?! In essence this is called altitude training. The benefits of training at altitude are well documented and we are able to replicate it here in Canberra. 

Basically training at altitude increases the amount of oxygen your body can naturally absorb. The lower oxygen concentration in the Altitude room makes your body work harder without increasing your physical workload making workout sessions more time effective – which, in turn, reduces strain on joints and muscles.

Some better known benefits of training at altitude include

 • Increases the amount of oxygen the body can naturally absorb 

• Improved athletic ability

 • Faster recovery time

 • Increased overall fitness

Wellness Center 

Our wellness center is equiped with everything you need for your physical and mental recovery. There are many things that can be done to improve your recovery. We have state of the art float pool and tank to start that process, and supplement that with Infrared Sauna, hot / cold plunge therapy and some good salt therapy to complete the picture. 

Open Pool/Tank
floaters who wish to float, but might be nervous of putting themselves into an enclosed pod or cabin, even one that is not completely sealed. The Open Pool concept is the perfect choice for this application!

Traditional Pod 
Float therapy has been around since the mid 1950's and becoming commercially available in the mid 1970's.  It has since become standard practice for athletes to incorporate float therapy into their training routines with athletes being able to recover quicker and mentally prepare themselves for e next training sessions or as part of their event preparation. Athletes, such as Carl Lewis, Craig Alexander and NFL teams have all gained benefits with the Australian Institute of Sports using it for their athletes. Float therapy is widely used with many benefits for any individual, whether you look at it from an athletic perspective or just overall wellbeing. Floating helps reduce muscular tension, inflammation and chronic pain; it can enhance creativity, increase optimism, and decrease the effects of anxiety and depression.

Athlete Recovery

Physical Benefits 

  • Healing: When faced with injury, many athletes turn too floating to help them recover more quickly and return to the game. 
  • Pain relief: most athletes deal with injury throughout their lives. Floating gives an instant and immediate release from chronic pain and lingering injury.
  • Better sleep: Floating helps improve the quality of sleep, which can be crucial leading up to highly competitive athletic events.

Mental Benefits

  • Stress relief: Like in most professions, athletes perform better when they are not plagued by stress! While performing under pressure is unavoidable for most athletes, floating provides a much-needed escape and enhanced sense of relaxation.
  • Increased focus & concentration: The meditative-like state of floating may deserve all the credit for providing athletes a boost of focus and concentration. Studies have found that basketball players threw more free throws and archers performed better after floating, indicating a higher level of mental focus during competition. (3, 4)
  • Positive visualisation:  We use floating to help promote positive visualisation and mental rehearsal during training sessions.

Overall Wellness

  • whole range of benefits for the mind and body
  • decreases anxiety and depression and improves sleep
  •  lowers stress
  • relieves physical pain

Athlete Recovery

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna works by heating the body directly, penetrating 4 – 5 cm into the skin, creating a cardiovascular workout whilst removing heavy metals and toxins via sweat.

Near Infrared wavelengths have been shown to promote cell autophagy, collagen production within the skin and assist with muscle recovery.

Plunge Pool

With our hot and cold plunge pool we are able to complete 


You do not have to get wet for this type of recovery method!

Rehabilitation Central

Water Running

The perfect low impact exercise without putting stress and strain on the bones, joints, tissues and ligaments. 

Aqua Exercise


Weight Loss

Recovering from Surgery


Salt Room

There are many benefits to Salt Therapy,  it helps in freeing up mucous from the airways, aids in mucous clearing, sustains clear airways, provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial affects throughout the respiratory tract, reduces bronchial sensitisation and assists to clear foreign inhaled particles.Your skin will reap the benefits of Salt Therapy through exposure to the salt room's microclimate. The anti bacterial, anti fungal and antihistamine effects of Salt Therapy has shown to improve conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis, as well as improve the general health and appearance of your skin.