Novice Program 2021

Welcome to Fortitude Performance Coaching's 2021 Novice program. If you are interested in becoming involved in the sport of triathlon, then a NOVICE TRIATHLON Program is a great place to start. We will help you understand the in's and out's of triathlon, remove the mystery and answer any and all questions that you have.   Exciting, I know 🙂

You will learn heaps, no matter what your current skill level is. We give you the information you need, not the stuff you don't 😀

The course is split into 2 parts.

Part A consists of 6 weeks from Nov 3rd through to ~Dec 12th which will focus on enhancing your skills and developing more confidence in each of swim, ride and run.  The first session begins WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER 3rd 2021 on the lawns of Reconciliation place with a lovely run session.  Mark it on the calendar. 

Part B will comments on  ~January 16th 2022 [TBC] and will focus on race preparation. We regroup after the Christmas and New Year break and will focus our attentions on upcoming races, like the Aquathon series, the All Womens Triathlon 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️ 

Note that the cost also includes a "Tri as you Go" Triathlon Australia (TA) membership. If you are already have a TA membership, then let me know and I'll refund the cost.  The main benefit of the membership is to make sure that you insured while training with or with a coach. Just note that it doesn't include insurance for when you are racing. A different type of membership is required, EG Basic

Swimming is often the part of triathlon that most of us are apprehensive about and stop us from competing in a triathlon. 
It DOESN'T need to be that way and I will show you how to overcome these apprehensions and also show you HOW to swim quicker than what you do now. 

Session will be Sunday's 3pm's at CIVIC pool, 60mins 

Bike sessions will be at the Stromlo Forrest Park complex and we will focus on the skills that you will encounter while taking part in a triathlon. 
We will also take a look at transitions from Bike to Run

Sessions will be Saturday's 2pm at SFP, ~60mins

Running part of the triathlon is the last leg and can be a challenge when you start running off the bike! 
We will cover the movement of running, and how to run injury free that will allow you to 

Sessions will be Wednesdays, 6:00pm at Reconciliation place, 45mins to 60mins


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