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NOVICE program 2021

Yes, you read correctly. Our NOVICE program is ready to kick off after obvious delays from ACT COVID lockdown and restrictions. 

60 Seconds with Coach
Back to the Pool?

As we see the restrictions easing up we see some of the outdoor pools opening and some of the indoor pools.

 I know it's great, isn't it?   Let's have a quick chat about best way to get back into the pool. 

60 Seconds with Coach
Recovery Basics?

What are the 3 basic ways to recover from daily sessions?  By mastering these 3,  we put another few pieces in place to creating good habits to get ourselves on our way to achieving our goals...

60 Seconds with Coach
How do YOU move?

Why do you move the way you do? We have a chat about movements you make and how you can do to change for improvement...

60 Seconds with Coach
How do YOU define Success

In this episode we have a chat about how you might view success and how think about it can affect achieving you goals.....

Welcome to 60 Seconds with Coach - Introduction

A new series here at Fortitude Performance Coaching where my aim is to share with everyone some of my thoughts on triathlon, triathlon training, race planning, training concepts and anything else you’d like to know more about. They are short informative videos for you to think about.  I am always happy to expand on any of the topics if you want to know more.