60 Seconds with Coach - How do YOU move?

Welcome to another episode of 60 seconds with Coach.  

Why do you move the way you do? We have aa chat about movements you make and how you can do to change for improvement...

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How do you Move?

Let's have a quick chat about when we train our body moves in a certain way.Why??  

why does it move this way? These movements could be holding you back in achieving some of your goals? I'm talking about movement habits. I'm not talking about habits in the sense of "10 Habits of Highly Successful athletes" That's something completely different. 


 I'm talking about why we move the way we do, for example, when you swim your body moves in a particular way because our brain told it too! You kick a certain way, you breathe a certain way,  your arms move a certain way and it's all because it's HABIT.  It's the same for when you run. Your legs move a certain way,  you hold yourself a certain way,  your head moves certain way your arms etc. And it's all because it's HABITπŸ˜‰


As coaches we look at all of these movements. We look at alternative ways to move that will help you become more efficient and faster. I like to think of things in a pyramid. We put all the movements into the pyramid, we assess them and determine which ones need to work on first.This goes at the top we take this movement. we break it apartWe create a new movement we practice, practice,  and practice and a new improved habit is created. πŸ’ͺ In the pyramid concept we take that off the top and everything gets moved up, we take the next one. Create a new movement, create a new habit .πŸ‘

Everything gets pushed up and we repeated again!

How long does this take? Well, that depends how committed are you?  do you practice once a week or seven times a week?How much do you want to improve? In swimming for example, some say it takes about 10,000 strokes.some say 50 repetitions.

21/90 Protocol

However, there's a protocol called 21/90. It's when you practice something for 21 days to create a habit and another further 90 days to make it permanent! One of the best ways to identify what to work on first is to have your movements assess. For example, take a video and show it to a qualified person like a coach not your neighbour πŸ˜… Every athlete, wherever you fit in the ability spectrum from beginner to professional, it doesn't matter... everyone needs to have their habits, their movements assessed for that continual improvement process.πŸ‘ 


how do YOU move? 

what habits do YOU have that can be changed that leads to Improvement?

Love it - until next time.

Take care.  


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