Welcome to 60 Seconds with Coach - Introduction

A new series here at Fortitude where my aim is to share with everyone some of my thoughts on triathlon, triathlon training, race planning, training concepts and anything else that I, or anyone else would like to put 

There are short videos that give a taste as to what/how you should be thinking about the topic at hand. We are always happy to expand on any of the topics if you want to know more.

you have a topic you would like me to talk about then please let me know. Email your topic through at  Questions@FortitudePerformanceCoaching.com.au

Enjoy 🙂

Video Version


Hi everyone.

Welcome to a new series here at Fortitude Performance Coaching called60 seconds with Coach.I am here is to share with you some of my thoughts on all things to do with Triathlon.For example Triathlon training, race planning endurance racing.Concepts with running swimming cycling and ways of thinking about them and any other topic comes into my head over the next few months.For those who don't know much about me I'm head coach here at Fortitude Performance Coaching and I've been coaching for about 15 years.I came from a swimming background.I know lucky me!!Went into cycle racing,  bike racing.This was road racing,  track sprinting that sort of thing and that opened the door into Triathlon or multi sport.I think it was a team of 5 was my 1st one,  back in 1983.And I think it's still going!It's called the Blackwood Marathon...  Google it !!

So I'll leave you today with a quick thought about the main overarching principle to training,  the main approach which at the end of the day applies for all Sport, not just Triathlon and that is ...  


without a doubt consistent training is the most important aspect of anyone achieving success and forward progress even a poorly designed or training program will produce results if followed consistently and if training occurs regularly.A proper plan designed with purpose and of course,  if we follow that plan as best you can will achieve a proven staying consistent through each week leads to the goals that we seek.This basic approach applies to whether you're a beginner or season age group athlete or professional - doesn't matter.Principle is the same .Consistency.

Hope that makes sense till next time.

Take care 🙂

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